John E. Harding, Northern California Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

My Clients Are My Partners

John Harding

Hello. My name is John Harding. I am a divorce and family law lawyer practicing in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area. This is my personal web space. Thank you for visiting.

This site a bit different from most lawyer websites you have seen. Yes, It is a resume site.  However, it is intended to give you a direct look at me and my law practice, in a more informal, first-person style. I am writing to you, and telling you about me instead of delivering that information in the more customary third-person style. It is designed to supplement the more formal web site for my law firm, Harding & Associates Family Law.

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We go out of our way to involve our clients in every phase of their case. We are constantly communicating with our clients, working with them

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